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Barroom Banter

  • We can reach America’s Top Bartenders.
  • We have a private full-service bar at our disposal.
  • Put these together and watch the magic begin.
  • Focus Groups, Seminars, Workshops, you name it. We’ll make it happen.
  • And did we mention that we have concepts for Bartender Competitions that will blow you away?
  • If you can keep a secret, we’ll let you in on our ideas.

Like a Genie from a Bottle

  • We can make your wishes come true.
  • Looking for a Brand Ambassador? We know who’s lurking in the wings.
  • Need cocktail development? We can find the finest cocktailian minds to tailor-make bespoke drinks that highlight your spirits, liqueurs, amari, you name it.
  • Would you like an opinion of your new product? Bartenders have pretty strong opinions, and we can assemble a smart bunch of influencers to speak their minds.

Sturdy Foundations

  • Much as we hate to blow our own horns, with over 60 years of successful experience in the booze biz, we think we’ve picked up an in-depth understanding of consumer marketing and brand building
  • Incredible insights to create New Directions for Existing Brands.
  • Contacts with top innovative bartenders all over the world.
  • All this and More under the umbrella of The Worldwide Bartender Database.

The World Wide Bartender Database (WWBDb)

A business and consulting service headed by Gaz Regan and Arthur Shapiro that seeks to provide clients with…


Brand development, marketing, communications, and plans based on Bartender insights


Bartender insights combined with on-premise knowledge and experience from Regan & Shapiro


Founded on Regan & Shapiro’s in-depth understanding of consumer marketing and brand building

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Address your brand building needs, develop and launch innovations and new brands, and gain an advisor for all your bar and bartender needs!

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