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The bartenders we work with, and our industry clients, both love our approach. Clients appreciate having the ears of the industry’s most important gatekeepers, and the bartenders love knowing that industry professionals value their opinions.

In addition, our bartenders are delighted to have us around and have a chance to expand their careers, be heard by producers and, enjoy being in this community.

Success Stories

Here are a few brief snapshots of some of the work projects we’ve conducted so far:

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Branding Success

A global category and brand had a difficult time gaining the attention of US consumers. Rather than throw marketing money at drinkers, we came up with a program focused on the bar trade. We recruited a top-notch brand ambassador, developed key performance indicators (KPIs), and managed her day to day efforts.

RESULTS: The category and brand are already gaining traction.

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Top Bartender Influence

The innovation group of a major company was anxious to learn how their new product ideas might increase the appeal of what they came up with. We assembled a group of top notch bartenders, took them to our private bar and let them play with the products.

RESULTS: Not only did we learn about new and unique cocktails for their new products, but the bartenders were most helpful in suggesting drink promotion ideas that are being put into effect.

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Group Discussions

A CMO became disenchanted with what his brand directors were telling him about the learnings from their insights research. The findings were simplistic and totally not actionable. His concern was that consumer focus groups lead to superficial answers. Our feeling has always been that consumers may tell you what they think you want to hear but bartenders will tell you what they think, whether you like it or not. We conducted a series of bartender group discussions.

RESULTS: A wealth of actionable information emerged from the discussions — marketing ideas, new product ideas, and what works or does not work at bars for this company.

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Grain to Glass

An entrepreneur with a passion for the business built a distillery to produce American single malt whisky and gin. His vision and approach to the gin was to be unique, make outstanding cocktails and generally cut through the clutter of the startup gin market. He turned to us for help. Under Gaz’ watchful eye, we retained the services of some leading bartenders/bar chefs with the mission of selecting the optimal botanicals for various drinks like the Negroni, Gimlet, Corps Reviver, even a Gin & Tonic.

RESULTS: The botanicals selected were designed specifically for gin cocktails and whose ingredients resonate with knowledgeable bartenders. The resulting gin is fabulous, if we do say so ourselves.

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